Norfolk Apostolic Church

Monday, April 03, 2006

Rejoice While Waitng

Brother Douglas
Rejoice while waiting for your miracle. Revive your dreams. Dust them off and get ready for God to fulfill them. He is ready to move!

Ex 14
God plans to annilate our enemies. God hardened Pharoah's heart to pursue the Irsaelites so He could have vengence upon Pharaoh.

Israel should have rejoiced on the Egyptian side of the Red Sea.

Living With Your Mistakes

Sometimes we just have to live with the consequences of our past mistakes. Just walk on with Jesus not blaming Him for the mistake or the consequences. Accept responsiblity for your own actions and allow God to use you where you are at.

Becareful while waiting on God not to create Ishamels. Abraham did not blame God but accepted that he made a mistake. God in His mercy and love for Abraham even blessed His mistake.

Ge 16-17:4
1Sam 1
Eph 4:1-2
Is 40:31
Ge 16:4-5
Ge 17:1-22

Respond With Faith


God will discipline unbelief
Luke 1

Brother Howard
Prophesy: I will move now! Those things that have been promised to us in this church are going to be fulfilled now. No longer put off.

Brother Howard spoke on curses and what brings them. God will deliver us from generational curses, witchcraft, and satanistic spell casting. but we can bring curses on our own heads that only repentance can break.

Mal 3:8-9

Is 45:1-3 substitute NAC for Cyrus
Mal 3:11
Is 58:6-11
Is 10:27
God calls this church to 30 - 40 days of prayer and fasting.